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Two exhibitions, in Noto and Palazzolo Acreide, in the Born in Italy project, will open on 4 August

With his artwork named "Italy", with his iconic lights, which in its divine meaning leads back to life, love and truth, Domenico Pellegrino participates in the Born in Italy cultural project: a format that investigates the uninterrupted dialogue between the ancient artistic and craft traditions of our territory and contemporary art, in all its expressive forms.

"My work both in the light and in the iconography of popular tradition refers to the carts and lights of the holidays, there is poetry, love, hope, joy, rebirth".

- says Domenico - "The invitation received by Federica Borghi (Travel & Joy) and Alessia Montani (Mamaicons) urges the comparison on the value of recovering ancient traditions and craftsmanship by re-reading the past with the languages of the present. in the headquarters of Palazzolo Acreide my superheroes in defense of the ancient Italian and Mediterranean cultures and cultures. "

Suggestive locations such as the former Cassonello barracks, the Parco dell'Anima, an agro-cultural oasis near the Vendicari reserve, as well as the museum exhibition center of the noble traditions of Palazzolo Acreide, home to the Museo dell'Anima, will exhibit works and installations on site. specific of:

Accademia Aracne, Battaglini-Pacino, Federica Borghi, Toni Campo, Titti Garelli, Irem Incedayi, Julia Krahn, Giovanna Lysy, Sara Lovari, MaBe, Chicco Margaroli, Marianna Masciolini, Nasilowska-Russo, Domenico Pellegrino, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Mariagrazia Pontorno, Giulio Rigoni, Paola Romano.


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