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A Sicilian artist, born in Mazzarino in 1974, the traditions of his land are the leitmotifs of his artistic work. He has exhibited at the 58th Venice Art Biennial, was the only Italian artist at the Mediterranean Archipelago Biennial, was chosen by Disney Italia for the launch of the latest Star Wars film in Milan, and has taken part in Manifesta12 and Palermo Capital of Culture.

Greek myths and legends, contemporary superheroes dressed in traditional Sicilian decorations, and the lights of patronal festivals all become a new language used by the artist and identify Domenico Pellegrino’s two main collections.

He boasts important collaborations with foundations, museums, and national galleries. His “Superheroes” solo exhibitions in Palermo, Milan, Carrara, and at international trade fairs have garnered great public acclaim both in terms of attendance and impact on social media and the specialist press.
Raiuno, Tg5, Sole24Ore,, Chi, and Il Corriere have all devoted ample space to the artist’s work.

The contemporary art project Cosmogonia Mediterranea, which narrates an “upside-down” journey from Lampedusa to Lampedusa, crossing symbolic places of Sicilian culture, was presented at the Venice Biennale in 2019. Cosmogonia Mediterranea is narrated in a book published by Serradifalco Edizioni, in the documentary “Effatà” by director Martino Lo Cascio, and in the documentary by Salvo Cuccia for the Archivio delle Arti; Domenico Pellegrino’s art has also been narrated in Giovanni Terzi’s book “Eroi quotidiani” (Daily heroes).

La barca sospesa per E.ON Italia

A boat suspended on Lake Garda: the installation to raise awareness of climate change

A boat emerges 75 centimeters from the surface of the water. It is the measurement of the level lost by the lake on average over the last four years. The initiative is part of a wider campaign: Make Italy Green.

The suspended boat, created by e.on, one of the main energy operators in Italy, is one of the initiatives of the campaign promoted by the company, Make Italy Green, created to reaffirm the importance of raising awareness and educating citizens, institutions and companies in relation to environmental issues. Precisely with the aim of inviting everyone to take action to combat climate change, the suspended boat was accompanied by a flashmob and an event.


La Bouganvilée

My new collection dedicated to nature.

Bouganville is a tribute to women, and to their strength and tenacity, to the mysterious female universe which, like the particular leaves of the plant, presents  bright colors and flowers of such a small size as to be irrelevant.

The work is dedicated to Jeanne Baret, the explorer and botanist who made a discovery in Brazil that fascinated her: a spectacular climbing plant which she baptized with the name of bougainvillea in homage to the captain of the expedition Louis-Antoine de Bougainville.
The journey of an explorer woman, born 282 years ago, who was the first woman to go around the world, at a time when women were forbidden to board navy ships, especially according to French laws, in fact in order to be able to to succeed she had had to disguise herself as a man. Her temper and courage took her far, furthermore her passion for the study of botany led to extraordinary discoveries.


Pellegrino Pasticceria Don Nino 20 Dicembre 2022.032.jpg

La Parole Giuste

By deleting all forms of incommunicability, the words become  tools  of creativity.


With words we represent reality and with words we can caress and hurt, convince and reject.


In this project I want to give value to the "right words" that embody  feelings and emotions, two dimensions to take care of, but also to know how to distinguish. The work is expressed on two levels digital and physical, in both words are placed in symbolic places

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Tel: +39 3356079346


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