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Domenico Pellegrino's pop lights at the Ferragnez wedding.

A piece of Sicily at the "Ferragnez" wedding

The most glamorous weddings were held in Sicily, and more precisely in Noto, in the province of Syracuse. Digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni and singer Fedez:

they chose Sicily and Sicilianity as the main ingredients of the wedding, the choice of Noto is in fact dedicated to the origins of the bride's mother.

Domenico Pellegrino personalized the web invitation to the wedding, and was the setting for the arrival of the guests at the welcome party held on August 31 at Palazzo Nicolaci.

The message posted on Instagram by Chiara Ferragni inviting the social media people to attend the wedding. The video invitation reads: "The plane, the lights, the yes, the Ferris wheel: save the date" by "The ferragnez".


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