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A marble sculpture for the city of Torano, the residence project for "Torano, night and day"

It comes from the historic Calacata Borghini quarries, from which the marbles for Michelangelo's David were extracted, the block of marble that the artist Domenico Pellegrino will work during his days of artistic residence in honor of Bernardo Rossi in Torano, Carrara. From 27 July to 13 August "Torano, night and day" takes place, the exhibition is curated by Emma Castè which hosts about fifty works that visitors will encounter or will have to look for in the alleys and alleys of the village. An exploration in total freedom, with free admission, which each edition attracts thousands of visitors.

For the entire duration of the event together with Carlo Galli, Domenico Pellegrino will stay in the land of the quarrymen, where he will have the opportunity to deal with marble, working alongside local artisans. The temporary studio will be at the Polo delle Arti San Martino and the completed work will become the heritage of the community, installed within the village and, together with Galli's work, will inaugurate the Toranese Sculpture Park.

The talk with the artists of the residency project in Torano is scheduled for 4 August at 9 pm. Free admission.

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