The glazed ceramic placemat is handmade by "De Simone ceramiche" based on an original design by Domenico Pellegrino, and has a diameter of about 31 \ 32 cm.



The mats are part of the A-Mori collection, by Domenico Pellegrino.

The artist relives the ancient legend of the "Moor's heads", revealing the origin of those head-shaped vases that today stand out on all balconies, from gardens to Sicilian living rooms and which, far from being simply decorative, are a symbolic object of local history. The heads tell of a forbidden love between a Moor and a Sicilian girl, evoking the meeting and the clash of two cultures.



Under Ceramic plates, handmade diam. 31 cm

  • The mats are packaged individually, in an original white cardboard box, signed by the artist