The cushions are part of the A-Mori collection,  by Domenico Pellegrino enhances the island with its ancient and incredibly contemporary imagery. The artist relives the ancient legend of the "Moor's heads", revealing the origin of those head-shaped vases that today stand out on all balconies, from gardens to Sicilian living rooms and which, far from being simply decorative, are a symbolic object of local history.

The heads tell of a forbidden love between a Moor and a Sicilian girl, evoking the meeting and the clash of two cultures.


A-mori pillow

  • The cushions are printed with vivid and bright colors, and reproduce the pictorial designs of the "Moor's heads" designed by the artist Domenico Pellegrino .

    They are double-faced, on one side the face and on the other a large star, dimensions 60x60 cm.

    They are made of 100% linen, and are removable with the zip on one side. The cost includes the padding.

    They are made in two colors: neutral and light blue